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The Eagle NX-12 is a unique alternate universe based collaborative writing group that requires in addition to the normal administrative actions of the typical sim but also the recording of new canon and establishment of our universe (EagleVerse). In order to assist the Game Master in ensuring a successful writing group, Assistant Game Masters or AGMs are volunteers who are dedicated to assisting in the success of the group.

This position is for serious applicants only.


  • Must meet membership requirements.
  • Must be a writing member of the sim in any capacity within the sim.
  • Must remain within Activity Requirements for writing.
  • Must be an active part of our discord community.
  • Must complete assigned duties as agreed to.
  • To be available for approximately two hours a week for administrative duties.

Expected Duties

  • Assist with development of the Eagle Missions and EagleVerse
  • Act as Game Master in absence of Game Master (or Senior AGM)
  • Record mission summaries for submission on the 1st of every month
  • Assist with leading discussions on assigned database articles.
  • To participate in monthly meetings of SPC Simms when possible.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience as GM or AGM
  • Writer who takes care to use appropriate grammar and writing to the standards of the sim.
  • Wiki Editing Experience
  • Dedication and motivation to actively take part in an active community and to grow an alternate universe.
  • Graphic or coding abilities a plus.

Application Process

If you are not a current member of Eagle you must submit a full character application with a note in the top of the service record please indicate you are interested in the Assistant Game Master role. All applicants must join or be a member of the SPC Simms discord server for an interview with the Game Master. A live chat based interview must be conducted to be considered for the position. This position will be posted until 1 NOV 2017 before the decision process will begin.